LATEST PROGRAM View the latest program here.
POWERPOINT PREPARATION Please bring your power point presentation with you on a USB. You need to upload this at least 1 hour before your scheduled presentation. The ratio for your power point presentation should be 16:9.
TIMING Please check the program for your specific presentation allowance, the majority of presentations are 20 minutes in length. If you wish to have a Q&A as part of your presentation, please include this in your time allocation.
SPEAKERS PREPARATION ROOM We have a great team of AV technicians who will be assisting all speakers during the symposium. As part of this, we will have a speakers preparation room. Presenters are requested to upload their presentation at least 3 hours prior to their presentation time. Note even if you are using your own laptop – please visit the speakers preparation room and AV tech, so that they can make note of this. It will ensure that all presentations run smoothly; and we will be able to stick to our tight schedule.
DISPLAY TIMES Presenters need to bring their printed poster in A0 size to the registration desk where they will be directed to their allocated poster board. Presenters need to adhere the poster to the poster board by morning tea time on Monday, 5 February 2024 and retrieve their poster after the last session on Wednesday, 7 February 2024. Uncollected posters will be disposed of.
POSTER SIZE All poster authors are requested to prepare their posters in an A0 format (1189mm high x 841mm wide). Please prepare your poster in PORTRAIT FORMAT.
AFFIXING YOUR POSTER We will be using display boards that will require either velcro dots or blue tac. We will have a limited supply on site of each.